Quimérica Books is a micropress based in northern New Jersey. We are dedicated to publishing work by Latin American and Caribbean writers in print (including those who identify as Latinx/Caribbean but were not raised in the Americas). Founded by first-generation Americans, our goal is to help writers like ourselves further establish themselves in the literary world while also getting paid for doing so. Our authors make a direct and sizeable portion of the profits from each sale (see our 50/50 submission policy). We believe this is one of the most direct and effective ways of supporting our poets.

We recognize that certain marginalized groups of Latin and Caribbean writers have been historically—and to this day still are—excluded from literary work and from publishing their writing just as they are excluded from participating fully in our societies. Among these groups are women, queer and trans people, Black and Indigenous people, disabled and mentally ill people, and others. We ourselves live at the intersections of these oppressions and we are committed to seeking out these marginalized voices, helping them publish their work, and attain further opportunities.

For more information, please email us at contact@quimerica.org

Our press is currently supported by only one individual. Any contributions would help greatly in the long run. Please note that due to our LLC status, monetary gifts are considered non tax-deductible. For other methods of payment, please contact us.